April 9, 2014

From 'C.O.V.E.N.: Genesis' ~ a Mid Week Tease #urbanfantasy #MWTease

Welcome to the middle of the week!
Mid Week Tease is an event, sponsored by the wonderful Ms. Sandra Bunino, where authors are spotlighting a few lines or a paragraph or two from their stories. Readers, you get to sample some delicious snippets and be teased, titillated and tantalized into the weekend!

My contribution to MWT this week is from one of the next books I'm working on in my erotic urban fantasy series, C.O.V.E.N.. It's called C.O.V.E.N.: Genesis. This book is the prelude to the world I created in AFK , my story in the Evernight Publishing anthology, Keyboards & Kink and the with the LAN party in books 1 & 2 Open World & Open World--Continuum. It shows how the MMORPG came to be. Enjoy!

* As for remembering, she hoped her mom wouldn’t recall her plans to get all the employees together. Who did her Mom think she was anyway? The CEO?
* As if. She snorted. Her dad had left Alec Sterling in charge of I-D-8 Entertainment Corporation, her and her father’s new company that developed, published and distributed interactive educational software while he traveled the country to meet with financial backers. Their goal was to expand from the small scholastic market into the world-wide gaming market.
* Her hand twitched. The crumpled note pinched the soft flesh of her palm. No use fretting over the situation. If she didn’t bring up the subject, maybe her mom wouldn’t either and the meeting idea would be dropped. She had bigger issues to deal with, like how one of her nightmares once again woke her in the early dawn. For weeks now the dreadful, twisted dreams paraded on her mind’s screen in the wee hours of the morning. Upon their debuts, the visions, as they came to be called by shrink Karen, surfaced only once or twice a month. Now, they occurred nightly.
* She closed her eyes. A picture of a star-filled night sky formed on the backs of her eyelids. Images from the pre-dawn nightmare immediately followed.

Look for my C.O.V.E.N. series of books here: Casey Moss Website.

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  1. I wonder that the nightmares are about. Nice teaser, Casey.

  2. I'm wondering the same thing too. You've definitely peaked my interest. Looking forward to reading more. :)

  3. Yep, me three. What is happening in these nightmares?

  4. Wow, what a beautifully creepy beginning. Nicely done, Casey. :)