February 9, 2013

Evernight's Valentine's Snippets ~ Day 1

* Hi all! We're gearing up for Valentine's Day and Evernight Publishing wants to spread the love around! Authors in this tour will be sharing snippets from their stories and awarding prizes for people who answer questions on their excerpts. :)
* For a lucky commenter on my blog, they'll receive a PDF of Keyboards and Kink. What you'll need to do is answer a question that I'll provide regarding the excerpt I'm going to share in the comments section, and leave your name and email. You should also 'Like' the Evernight Publishing Facebook Page ~ click here --->https://www.facebook.com/evernightpublishing Thanks!

~ Excerpt from Keyboards and Kink ~
* Unfortunately, all the clues Bella had found over the course of time led her to Godric, the wonderful man she’d met and who haunted her daydreams. She hoped he wasn’t the one she searched for. Godric had been too kind, too funny and warm to be the evil one she tracked. She wasn’t much for praying, but she called upon any higher deity out there listening to let her assumption that he was the warlock be wrong.
* Too many close calls and lonely nights depleted her hope for a bright future more than she cared to admit. Bella loved her job as a warrior in the clan, but she was tired of failing and coming up empty handed on this particular mission. She couldn’t wait till she could give chase of the evil ones and Chem Warfare Urchins, also known as CWU’s, for mere sport and play rather than under command of her leader and his vengeful need. Maybe once she brought the amulet back, they’d stop calling her Bella Morte—Beautiful Death. However, until she completed her responsibilities to her and her master’s satisfaction, she had to soldier on and continue to hunt within the war torn ruins of Las Vegas for those who had to be dispatched.
* A true shame Godric’s next on my list. Killing him would be a horrible waste of a beautiful male specimen. Perhaps I should stop thinking of him in terms of a hunky man with a name. Might make doing the necessary deed easier in the long run.
* A draft of air streaming along the buildings carried a mark’s fragrance to her, but the scent she caught wasn’t Godric’s anymore. To her dismay, she’d lost his trail, yet had picked up a different one. Another evil creature lurked in the area. Perhaps he’d know where the warlock she sought was and if he was Godric. She was so close to finding the Winchapel vampire she could taste it. Victory was sweet and would be hers.

~ Question ~
* What's the necessary deed she has to do?

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