March 26, 2014

From 'Open World--Continuum' ~ a Mid Week Tease #urbanfantasy #MWTease

Welcome to the middle of the week!
Mid Week Tease is an event, sponsored by the wonderful Ms. Sandra Bunino, where authors are spotlighting a few lines or a paragraph or two from their stories. Readers, you get to sample some delicious snippets and be teased, titillated and tantalized into the weekend!

My contribution to MWT this week is from one of the next books I'm working on in my erotic urban fantasy series, C.O.V.E.N.. It's called Open World--Continuum. This book continues with the world I created in AFK , my story in the Evernight Publishing anthology, Keyboards & Kink and the with the LAN party in book 1 Open World. Enjoy!

* Now the last Collins woman remaining to be tapped was that smart mouth bitch, Cassandra, most definitely the strongest, but the least desirable. She was too intelligent, and he was pretty damn sure she had already enlightened, which would make his task of converting her to his ways all the more tough. The one plus was—she didn’t have a protective boyfriend sitting in her corner.
* A thunderous boom, seeming to be right on top of the building, jerked his attention from the screen. The crystals began to glow and pulse again. Around him the atmosphere heightened with a hair raising electrical charge. Laser beams shot out of the pyramids and created connecting lines between them.
* “The incorporation is starting again. Perfect.” Cor clapped his hands and rubbed them together fervently. “I will succeed in claiming what I want and ruling the universe,” he chanted believing in each and every word he’d said.
* Cassandra would submit to him, willingly or not.

Find out more about Open World here: Website.

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  1. Sounds like an evil genius at work. I could almost here his evil cackle. Great teaser.

  2. The romantic in me is holding out hope that he might not be too evil :)

  3. Something tells me it's not going to be as easy as he thinks! Great tease, Casey!