October 2, 2013

From 'AFK' ~ a Mid Week Tease & B-day Info! ( @evernightpub #erom #urbanfantasy )

Welcome to the middle of the week!
. . .Mid Week Tease is an event where authors are spotlighting a few lines or a paragraph or two from their stories. Readers, you get to sample some delicious snippets and be teased, titillated and tantalized into the weekend!

. . .My contribution to MWT this week is from Evernight's anthology Keyboards & Kink & my story in it called AFK. Like I mentioned last week, I'm currently working on the first book in the series (Open World - a C.O.V.E.N. story) that follows what happened in AFK. This segment picks up a little after where last week's left off. Enjoy!

. . . . . .* A flash of light lit the night sky. A couple seconds later, thunder boomed, rolled over their heads. The atmospheric disturbances broke through her warrior training and shocked her. She couldn’t remember the last time a natural thunderstorm occurred. There’d been lots of manmade storms when water became a necessity, but they had a different smell, different feel, than natural ones. But even this storm seemed…odd.
. . . . . .* Bella dropped the vampire, tucking her MP3 player and headphones back into the pocket as she stepped out of the alley to get a better look at the roiling heavens.
. . . . . .* Another crack in the air snapped above her.
. . . . . .* Her vision went black.

. . .Find out more about AFK here: Website -- AFK

. . .Come back next week for another look into AFK!

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  1. Okay, something's definitely brewing here. Looking forward to the story!

  2. Wow, wonder what happens next? :)

  3. Yes, this definitely seems odd. I wonder what happened to her.