October 4, 2013

Birthday Party reminder #1! ( @evernightpub #books )

......Hi folks! I just wanted to remind you to visit this link Evernight B-day Party for some birthday blog hopping goodness. Visit the post and then visit the other blogs listed, and you’ll have the chance at some wonderful prizes!
......See you at the party! :)

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  1. I was finally able to get it to open so I can leave a comment. I very much love to roleplay and dress up in some naught little outfits.
    I truly feel this helps keep the fire from burning out. I am the type that believes in trying new things, to a degree. I think if more relationships were open minded and tried different things, I'm sure there would be lesd divorces and breakups.
    I love it and it helps to release fantasies my partner and I have. We don't cross that boundary and add others to our relationship. We are indeed happily married. We get a little freaky it just depends on the mood